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Technical Skills

  • Lego Systems Engine: Visual scripting, Design implementation and core level gameplay experiences, maya to engine workflow, setting up player cameras.
  • Unreal Engine 3 and 4, Detailed level knowledge in Level Design, Environment layout including fast level blocking, 3d meshes to engine workflows Custom Shaders, Unreal Kismet Scripting, Level set dressing, mission layouts, Blueprints with Unreal 4, custom shaders.
  • Unity Engine, High knowledge of Level Design, Environment layout, Lighting and Rendering, Scripting Surface, Vertex Shaders with ShaderLab/CG. Visual Scripting with PlayerMaker.
  • Maya, High Detailed level knowledge in modelling, texturing, lighting, animation, scripting and overall understanding of the program.
  • 3DsMax, Detailed knowledge of modelling, texturing, lighting and overall understanding of the program.
  • Detailed knowledge and practical experience of Photoshop for hand-painted and photo realistic texturing.
  • World Machine, custom landscape creation, good overall understanding of the program.
  • ZBrush/Mudbox, Detailed level of sculpting, Maya-ZBrush workflow with normal maps and textures.
  • Xnormal, in depth knowledge and use of program, Low to High workflows.
  • Perforce, Trello. Use of debugging and management software, good overall understanding..
  • PS4, XboxOne, PS3, Wii U, PC, debugging and trouble-shooting/analysing practical experience.

Employment Industry

Travellers's Tales | Level Technical Artist Feb 2015 | Present Next Gen only Title (Current) Lego Dimensions: Year 2. Lego Marvel Avengers.

Working in a big team. My main duties are modelling Lego with texturing and Uving for the game, setting up puzzles required with Lego Art, rigging set up, keyframe animation for various set ups including set pieces and puzzles. Overall level flow implementation and level placement, setting up various camera sets up with gameplay, interaction and overall functionality. Working with the Designers to keep there vision artisically and technically.

Wales Interactive | Level Designer January 2013 | October 2013 [fixed term – contract]

Worked on a PC, PS3, Mac, Vita and Wii U title ‘Master Reboot’ in a big team close towards other artist’s and programmers. I was the main level designer, My roles included level mapping, optimising and LOD outputs for many assets for console and PC, Solving problems with puzzles and logic in the game.

BBC | 3D Character Artist January 2013 | 1 month

Worked in a small team on a very tight deadline prototype for the BBC on a disclosed title during time at Wales Interactive. My role consisted in creating the 2 main characters for the game as well as rigging, and animating.

Dojo Arcade | 3D Environment Artist August 2011-December 2012

Work on PC title on ‘Soulfinity’, as the main Environment Artist, having a main role in art direction and level placement assets. Worked in a strong team of 4 closely with a programmer, an animator and a 3d generalist. Teaching new skills towards the team with a better incite towards games development and improving my skills at all times.

Rondo Media | 3D Artist
August 2012

Worked on a character creation prototype for Rondo Media with Dojo Arcade, I created all the assets and main island involved in the small project using Maya and Unity 3d. Using custom shaders within Unity.

Chaos Trend | Quality Assurance November 2009

Responsible for testing & reporting bugs for “Everfall”. The company Chaos Trend came in [during my BA Hons Degree] for a couple of days asking test there game that was to ship within the following month.

Nidzumi | Journalist | March 2007

Working part-time writing video game preview/reviews. Mainly work with up to-date news and community news.



University of Glamorgan | Animation MA


Swansea Metropolitan University | Creative Computer Games Design | Bachelors Honours