Master Reboot - Highway Level Track Breakdown

Highway Breakdown, click image to enlarge.








Above is a level breakdown of the Highway Level in my recent title I worked on Master Reboot. I was responsible for the whole level design, art layout and main mechanics. Built in Unreal 3 using BSP brushes and a number of static meshes.    


Overview of Design

The objective for this level is to make the track within a time limited in under 2 minutes. The idea behind this level was to be a second level for the original Street Level for Master Reboot. Thus extending the excitement for the player. By setting this particular level in a run down highway having jumps, turned over vehicles obstructing the player paths in doing this.  Controlled in a 1st personal view in the car adding difficultly along with weather effects throughout the level to make it challenging.         


Below is a breakdown of the design for a cut scene that occurs when the player has reached to this point.  

The scene is broken up into 3 parts from what happens within the sequence.

Breakdown 1 - Player is approached by a obstruction, cutscene plays during the gameplay. The player has to try and avoid the crash sequence. If failed on attempt then the player crashes and is respawned at a checkpoint.  

Breakdown 2 - A enemy truck swerves out of control smashing into oncoming traffic.

Breakdown 3 - Player has a split second avoid the oncoming collision that crashes into the parked truck and cars. Allowing the player to continue through the level if made through.