PUBLISHER: Warner Brothers


Platforms: PS4 / XBOX One / PC / Wii U / PS3 / XBOX 360 

My role included Implementing the main level gameplay functionality using visual node based /text based scripting and overall level placement for assets..Camera work for puzzles and event sequences. Level animation.  Making sure we told a story in a fun and exciting format. . Working with the other designers, artists and programmers to make for the level meet their vision artistically and technically fun and exciting.    

Setting the tone for the beginning of the first avengers film keeping within the films visual aspects with lots of interactive gameplay elements.

These levels below I was responible for.

The first level ShieldBase, I worked on and had ownership for a full level which are made up of 3 sections in all. This was the opening level for the game after the prologue.  In accordinly working and owning on onother section level of the game Helicarrier.


The Helicarrier exterior level takes place during the events of the avengers film where Captain America and Ironman have to repair the main engines. The main structure for the level was to make it interesting as possible to tie in with the film correctly. By using of a side scrolling based platforming level this worked best as it varied up the use of puzzles and player events happening throughout the level.