Master Reboot

Publisher: Wales Interactive

Developer: Wales Interactive

Platforms: PS3 / PC / Mac / Wii U

Role in making the game:

 I was a Level Designer/Artist. My jobs included Level blockouts and design overall gameplay,  Mesh building,  building custom collisions, Debugging, Engine visual scripting, Cinematic work. 

The levels below were my main levels I had worked on for the game, from the start to finish. My workflow was drawing out a basic layout map, white-boxing in unreal using BSP's following the level layout from the sketch, replacing blockout work with art assets, adding in final props, implementing core level gameplay mechanics , player camera direction , overall lighting.      

Fairground Design Map

Level map layout, Click image to Enlarge

 The Fairground Map was one of a few maps I designed for Master Reboot. This map is particularly heavy with player interaction based puzzles/sequences to make the map more fun and interesting for the player. The map is designed around 7 main objectives, revolving around shooting mechanics, pushing mechanics and more traditional solving puzzles around the main level. 

Main objective - complete the 7 fairground games to escape the area you are trapped in.

Objective List - Dodgems, Duck shooter, Virus shooter, Horse Racing, Target shooter x2, Fortune Teller. 

Overview - The player is playing and event from Madison's memory, during the level of the fairground, She has managed to in-cage the anti-virus within the center of the map . Whilst being trapped within your own memory the player has to solve various puzzle objectives that are set across the level. By doing each objective the Ferris wheel will gradually get faster and faster powering 7 power gems allowing the player to bust open the blocked entrance.

Once the player has completed the main objective the anti-virus breaks free trying to stop you; this triggers a cut-scene event consisting of the antivirus jumping into the air, force landing the ground at the player feet knocking them over. Then scrambling away escaping the level.      



 Bumper Car puzzle layout

Bumper Car puzzle layout

The bumper cars, was one of the 1st puzzles that I created during the development process of the map. Using a simple colour coordination puzzle, the player simple has to put back the bumpers cars in the correct coloured area. The player does this by using main games push mechanic to push cars off/against walls and off each other allowing multiple challenges when playing this particular puzzle. This was done using control gravity physics and surface properties, in addition to a custom use for the gravity gun ability.                  







Temple Map

Level map layout, Click image to Enlarge


Temple Map, was another map I designed. Designed with 2 variations, this map in-particular is the second version of this level.

WIth 2 simple puzzles the first being a lift the correct levers in the correct order that allows the player to continue through the obstructed wall in the centre of the map.

Allowing the player to then proceed to the next puzzle of lifting the chains on the lock door held by the statues within the level to continue.