LEGO Dimensions Year 2 (2016/17)



Platforms: PS4 / XBOX One / PC / Wii U / PS3 / XBOX 360 

Mission Impossible Level Pack, Fantastic Beasts Level Pack

In this quest mission for the Fantastic Beast open world area, the player has to find all 5 missing toys for the Modesty Girl. Setting in Salem's Church from the motion picture film, I was responsible for setting up the core level gameplay, making it fun and interesting experience. Firstly by starting with a blockout of Lego and Art, this is the starting point of the level to get the required scale and feel for the gameplay. After this I will model the LEGO in maya to the required standard scale. The main focus was the player can complete any of the puzzles in any order, giving them freedom of choice of which fun puzzle to do next. By the use of camera and voice direction, this aided the player each time when completing or choosing a puzzle for the level using the in game engines tools.

In addtion my main other tasks were animating the core level gameplay elements, and all the incidental props to keep the player entertain every corner they took for a overall fun experience.



Mission Impossible

The first two levels I was responsible for the Mission Impossible Story Level 2 was used to show at E3 2016. ( Level 1 and 2 end at 17:00). I was responsible for setting up and implementing the level gameplay with the use of visual node-based scripting. Implementing the level set pieces and main level puzzles, Animating the lego, data optimisation throughout a number of platforms, making sure everthing is balanced visually and technically and matained the creative vision from the level designer. 

Level 1 Exterior.

During this mission Ethan has to infiltrate and get into the Embassy. Having a more stealth approach towards the level made this pack stand out the most giving more diverse ways to navigate around the level, despite being being designed in a linear way.Some of the techanical elements such as the Ai guards could only detect you fully when in range and in view for a certain amount of time. An example of this would be in the player became into view but the guard couldn't see them fully the torch would go amber alerting other guards to look around. If the player was in view and say stuck around long enough the Ai's torch would glow red, signalling a full alert and summoning additional and surrounding guards. This was set up in our engine simply by attaching 2 colour varients condition scripts if the player was in contact or close enough onto a weaponn attacment for the Ai to hold.


Open World Quest - Seville Surprise

For this quest mission, the player has to infiltrate the area and retrieve a jewel necklace. Inspired by the Mission Impossible 2 motion picture. The level is split up into two parts, an exterior and interior.Having a mixture of environments that linked together well and to keep it varied and interesting to play. With the use of the Lego Dimensions toy pad scaling mechanic the character, and using a simple colour match system to power up and control various items in the level.  Because the level was small the main objective points are always in view, with the aiding the player with voice direction to help guide the player through the level.